“Sense of Living”

Since our founding in 1993, A&F House Decor imports the most exclusive furniture and decorations directly from Europe. Among the carefully chosen brands, "Promemoria" represents the finest handcraft of Italian furniture. As for Promemoria, the well-known furniture brand in Italy. And the brand Dimensione, designed and made in Italy under the close direction of architect Chi Wing Lo. We also proudly present the brand IWATA, one of the oldest bedding makers in Japan, Not to mention "Culti", the leading Italian interior decorations.

These selected brands have excellent quality and were produced by skillfull craftsmanship. Furthermore, all products, for both design and quality, must go through strict selection process. Together with our professional furniture configuration and planning, we are able to bring in marvelous Italian premium aesthetical life style experience to our precious clients.

Over the years, A&F House Decor has been appointed by the domestic well-known designers and architects. Landmark building construction project leaders and dominant designers both assign A&F House Decor as their major partners. Our master pieces can be frequently seen nationwide. Most of all, A&F is an excellent companion, for both designers and architects, with guarantee to fully elaborate their accomplishments.